Stadiou Street- One name, one history!

Hello everyone, the journey to the streets of Athens keep going! This time, i’ll talk to you about…Stadiou street!!!

It was (and still is)  one of the major thoroughfares of old Athens. According to the plan that had been developed by  architects Stamatis Kleanthis and Edward Schaubert( the reason why i refer to them in every post is because they have build almost the entire Athens!!! 🙂 🙂 ),  Stadiou street would start from Omonia Square and ended to Panathinaiko Stadium. This is why this particular name was given to this street. Continue reading Stadiou Street- One name, one history!


Iera Odos- A street that its story is not its clubs!

Hello everyone (again) !!!!

Although i post, most of the times, one post a day, today i decided to change that and upload two articles!!! (happy right? :P)

The reason why i did so, is the phone call from one of my friends who told me to join the gang in a place in Iera Odos!!! This invitation gave me the idea to find out more about this street (and i’m not talking about the clubs!!) Without knowing everything about it, just some random names of club, through the research i found more and i wanted to share it with you!!! It’s such a pity not to know anything about main streets of our city that we walk in almost everyday!!! Continue reading Iera Odos- A street that its story is not its clubs!

Athena street- The ex-glorious road!

As i said in a previous post, i would coming back to the streets of the center of Athens quickly! And as you may see i kept my promise!!!

Today we will have a ride in Athina Street ( Οδός Αθηνάς). As most of us know(and others may easily understand) this street is named after the goddness of of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Ancient Greek history has been a great source of imaginations and many streets, buldings and other places are named after someone or something quite important in the Greek mythology! Continue reading Athena street- The ex-glorious road!

Patission street- 17th Of November!

Today, on November 17th , is one of the greatest celebrated national days in Greece! The Rising of Polytechnio was-and still is- one of the greatest historical events.

Patission Street is one of the main roads of Athens (with a length of 4.5km). It basically starts from Panepistimiou Street close to Omonia and is heading north up to Patissia, a district Athens from which it the street is named after. Continue reading Patission street- 17th Of November!

Skoufa street- The one and only

Hello everyone!!!

This time i decided to guide you to my favorite street!!! It is located in Kolonaki (which is my favorite place to be in the whole Athens) and it is the most well-known and crowded road in there!

It’s name? Skoufa street!!!

Skoufa is named after Nicholas Skoufa, one of the three people of the well known Filiki Etairia. Continue reading Skoufa street- The one and only

A unique day in Fokionos Negri Street- The hidden multicultural street!

Recently i came across a very interesting article in The well-known greek site has in one of its article a special dedication to the notorious street of Athens called Fokionos Negri! In respect to that, i decided to take a ”small” break (i promise i will not be long 😛 ) from the central streets of Athens and go some kilometers away to Fokionos Negri!!! Continue reading A unique day in Fokionos Negri Street- The hidden multicultural street!